What is lifestyle photography? 

Lifestyle photos capture people in their natural environment, doing the kinds of things they normally do. For more information about my services and photography style, visit this page

Can we setup a few posed shots? 

Sure! There's no rule that says we can't setup a few posed shots. But if you're looking for lots of perfectly balanced, posed shots, then I'm probably not the photographer for you. Be sure you've looked through my photos to get a sense for the style and to be sure it's something you'll appreciate. And feel free to contact me for additional samples from my private portfolio.

Do you do events?

Yes! I can come to your upsherin, bas mitza, birthday party or other small event and take candid, natural shots. Expect candid photos of your guests just having fun. I aim to capture the mood and spirit of the event through natural, spontaneous photos. I don't do too many posed photos, though we can certainly setup a few.

Do you have an Instagram account? 

I do, and I invite you to check it out!

Can we customize the photo shoot to my preferences?

Absolutely. Before your photo shoot, I'll send you a form with some questions that will help both of us gear the photo shoot to your preferences. We'll also have a phone conversation to review your responses and to be sure we are both prepared. 

How do I prepare my home for the photo shoot? 

You don't have to go to a great deal of trouble to prepare. That said, it's helpful if the rooms are cleared of clutter to some degree. Do a walk through of the rooms you'd like us to shoot in and look for any big objects that won't enhance the photos. Think about what toys your kids like to play with and - if possible - select toys that are classic and pretty. (Wooden blocks, dominoes, neutral colored stuffed animals, and porcelain dolls are some toys that work well.) I'm also happy to bring some toys of my own if you don't have any that will work well or if you think your kids will be more engaged if they're playing with someone else's toys.  

What if my house is cluttered or doesn't have good light?

I can usually make any setup work (and if you're worried, I might be able to make a quick stop by your house a couple of days before the shoot, just to be sure). I do bring along studio flash which we can use to supplement the natural light if needed. That said, you can certainly choose a friend or family member's home if you are more comfortable with that or if your home is particularly dark. 

How should I dress my kids for the photo shoot? 

Even though we are shooting lifestyle photos and want them to look natural, it is important to think about what your kids are wearing. This will help give the photos a clean and professional feel. Bright colors and neutral colors are good choices, though I tend to favor neutrals. While it used to be popular for everyone in the family to match exactly (e.g., everyone wears white shirts and jean skirts/pants), many families are now leaning towards choosing a color palette and selecting  favorite clothes within those colors. The color palette can be lighter/neutral/pastel colors, or you can go with brighter tones like red, green, blue, yellow. You might also want to think about a theme-- for example, retro, classic, urban, elegant, bright & sunny, or casual and laid back. The most important thing is to choose clothing that matches your family's style and especially for kids, something that they will be comfortable in and happy to wear. Aside from choosing a color palette (and a theme if it suits you), the only "rule" I would suggest is to avoid wearing shirts or jackets with big logos or characters. They can be distracting and take the focus away from your family's beautiful faces.

Can the parents be in the photos? 

Of course! I welcome either of both of the parents to attend and be in the photos. It's your choice. We will be sure to get photos of every 'combination' of your family that you like. For example, the kids together. Mommy with each of the kids and with both of the kids. The whole family together. 

Do you offer services outside of Camden County? 

Yes, but there is an added fee. 

You do a lot of black and white. Do I need to do black and white? 

Busted! I do have a personal bias towards black and white. I find that emotions come through stronger without the distraction of color. Almost all of the photos I have framed of my kids in my house are black and white. But that's a personal preference and I'm certainly not going to shove it down your throat. Many clients prefer color and that's perfectly fine. I can also give you both (upon request) and you can decide which you prefer. I do recommend that when you print, you pick either color or black and white for the entire set. This will create a cohesive theme when you display and share your photos.