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Welcome! If you're looking for candid, artistic images of your family, you've come to the right place! The photos I take will capture your children's essence in a completely unique and authentic way. They'll be laughing, playing, jumping, and maybe even crying. (Do your kids ever do that? Mine do.) They'll be the pictures you look back at when you want to remember what your kids were REALLY like when they were young. 

How does it work? I come to your home and we take photos anywhere with good lighting and where your family likes to hang out. We can do the photos indoors, in your living room, playroom, kitchen, or even bedroom. Or, weather permitting, we can take photos outside - with your kids playing in your yard, in the snow, or in piles of leaves. My photos are all done 'on location,' with natural light, using minimal posing. That doesn't mean I won't set up the scene, or position your family where the lighting is best. I will sit down and play with your kids to get them interacting with each other and with the camera. My goal is to get natural, candid shots. Note that all sessions are done during daytime hours, so we can use available light and get beautiful lights and shadows. I do bring along studio flash to supplement the natural night if needed. (I also do events; I can come to your upsherin, bas mitza, birthday party or other small event and take candid, natural shots.)

What's 'lifestyle photography' anyway? Lifestyle photos capture people in their natural habitat, doing the things they normally do and have fun doing. We plan the session around your children's interests so they are relaxed and natural, and so you can look back at the photos and remember your children as they were. We can use your kids' favorite toys (or I can bring some along). They can be playing with lego or helping you in the kitchen. They can be jumping on their beds or running around in the backyard. The key is to capture them living and loving life. Happy kids will make beautiful, memorable and truly meaningful photos. 

How do I know if this style is for me? If you’re looking for a perfectly balanced picture in perfectly coordinated outfits, lifestyle photography is probably not for you. But if you want pictures that capture your kids being themselves, let's get together! Look around my site to get a sense of my style, and contact me if you'd like to see more photos from my private portfolio. 

For more information, feel free to get in touch using this contact form.

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