Welcome! If you're looking for candid, artistic, high-end images of your family, you've come to the right place! The photos I take will capture your family's essence in a completely authentic way. Your kids will be laughing, playing, jumping, and maybe even crying. (Do your kids ever do that? Mine do.) These will be the pictures you look back at when you want to remember what your kids were REALLY like when they were young.

How does it work?

I come to your home and take photos of your everyday activities, with your family doing whatever they normally do - cooking, reading, jumping on the bed, wrestling, homework... you know - regular life. Your session can be anywhere from three to four hours. You just go about your normal everyday life, and I create art out of it! My photos are all done 'on location' with NO POSING. I won't set up the scene, tell you to smile, or reposition your family. My goal is to get natural, candid shots that capture your everyday life.

How do I know if this is for me?

Do you dread the family photos sessions where you have to stress about getting dressed up, bribing your kids to cooperate, and worrying when they aren't smiling? Do you want photos that capture exactly what your family is like right now - photos that tell the story of your very beautiful but very real life, documenting authentically what your kids and family were like at this stage? Do you like unposed, natural photos that showcase the beauty in the everyday?

If the answer to those questions was YES, let's get together! Look around my site to get a sense of my style, and contact me to schedule a session or to see more photos from my private portfolio.

What can I expect during the session?

I'll spend a few minutes chatting with the kids and adults. My goal is for you to feel like I'm a friend or relative hanging out for the day, who just happens to have a camera. You will NOT have to get fancied up. You will NOT have to pose. And most important, you won't have to direct your kids or force them to smile. They'll be them, you'll be you, and the magic will happen.