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Hi. I'm Rivki Locker. I grew up in Brooklyn, New York and currently live in Lakewood, New Jersey with my husband and my four kids. 

I've been taking photos for more than 25 years - starting with an old fashioned FILM CAMERA and a real darkroom! Over the years, I've taken tens of thousands of photos of my own kids, my extended family members, and my friends' kids. I have a particular passion for candid shots that capture my subjects' personalities and emotions. 

I've gotten more serious about the craft over the last few years, branching out and shooting professionally.  I currently use FujiFilm gear and a combination of vintage and Fuji lenses. I shoot all digital these days.

I love photographing people (mostly kids!) but also take lots of pictures of landscapes and nature. (See some of my landscape shots here.) 

I look forward to meeting you and photographing your family!

For more information, feel free to get in touch using this contact form

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